Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Follow These Tips and Choose the Right Kind of Artificial Grass

You might find it shocking but your budget is not the only thing that needs to be considered when purchasing an artificial grass shock pad. Yes, you have read that right! Surely, having a great budget is important but there are many other things that are equally important. But sadly, most people don’t know about it. And as a result, they end up purchasing the wrong kind of turf that is not worth the price. 

We know you would never want to do something stupid that you’d have to regret in the future. That’s why we are here. To make things a little easier for you, we have listed a few tips that you can follow and can buy the right kind of artificial turf. So, let’s get started. 

· Consider Traffic and Usage: One of the few things that you can really not overlook is the traffic and usage of the turf. You can do this only by analyzing everything. You need to understand how many feet and paws are going to run on the turf. And based on the answer, you can consider the kind of turf you need. 

· Consider the Pile Height: Yes, the pile height is also something that cannot be overlooked. See, different artificial turfs are available in different thickness and height. Here, people often go wrong. What they think is that longer blade length is softer so they choose it. However, they don’t realize that over time, long faux gets flat. 

· Color: Just like the thickness and height, artificial grass is also available in different colors. Like bright pink, white, red, blue, and natural green. Most people prefer natural green color as it looks better. But you can pick the one that you like the most. 

If you feel like these things are very overwhelming and you want an easy way out, you can get in touch with Geo Surfaces. It is a leading manufacturer of artificial turf and is trusted by many people. The products of this company are of the best quality and available at an affordable rate. 

This means that you can trust Geo Surfaces any day. Besides offering artificial turf, Geo Surfaces also offers turf installation services. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and contact Geo Surfaces now. 

About Geo Surfaces:

Geo Surfaces is a trusted company that you can contact to get an artificial turf installation service. 

For more information, visit https://geosurfaces.com/

Friday, 17 July 2020

Know Why You Should Have Artificial Grass Turf

Do you own a private court where you organize different activities? Are you looking for an alternative to the natural grass turf because the natural one requires too much maintenance? If yes, keep reading this post because here, you will find answers to all your questions. 

Since you have a court, you may be aware of the importance of having good turf, right? Also, you would know that without proper maintenance the sports turf becomes slippery, which can result in serious accidents. So, what you can do, instead of organizing sports like tennis, soccer, and baseball on a turf with natural grass, you can install an artificial grass shock pad.

Are you confused whether you should find a good company and get an artificial turf installed in your court or should you continue organizing sports on the turf with natural grass? Well, the answer is you should get artificial turf. Why? Because artificial turf does not get muddy or slippery during rainy days. In addition to this, there are many other benefits that make artificial turf a better choice over the one with natural grass. Therefore, keep reading!

· No Maintenance: Are you frustrated that you have to keep on spending a huge chunk of money on the maintenance of your turf with natural grass? If yes, you should get artificial turf as it is a one time investment since it needs no maintenance. Yes, you have read that right! Since the grass is artificial, you don’t have to worry about the overgrowing of grass or any thing else.

· No Grass Stain: When you organize sports on an artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about grass or mud stains, it’s a win-win.

· Shade is not an Issue: The natural grass turf can soon turn brown and can even die when there is no shade but you can eliminate this problem if you have artificial turf.

If you want to enjoy these benefits, you should contact GeoSurfaces as this leading company offers the best range of synthetic turf shock pad. This company has been operating for a very long time, and now, it is considered one of the best companies that designs, develops, installs, and manufactures the best range of artificial turf.

You will be amazed to know that the amazing services offered by this company are approved by IAAF, FIFA, and ITF. So, if you are interested in getting turf related services from GeoSurfaces, you can visit its website.

About GeoSurfaces:

GeoSurfaces is a trusted company that offers artificial grass shock pad underlay.

For more information, visit https://geosurfaces.com/

Monday, 15 June 2020

Achieve Excellent Sports Experience with Artificial Turf for Surfaces

Do you run a country club that has facilities for various sports activities? Or maybe you own a private court for playing your favorite sports such as lawn tennis, soccer, baseball, and other such turf sports? If yes, then you might know the importance of having a clean and green court for efficient play. Whether it is your guest at the country club or your private court, you need the best quality of sports surface that is unaffected by the weather. Now if you have a natural grass turf, it will get muddy during rains, stopping you from playing your favorite sports. What is the solution to this? Artificial turf installation is an excellent solution to getting a sports surface that is available to play at any time of the year.


Apart from not getting affected by the weather, artificial turf for sports will have other amazing benefits too. We have taken the liberty to list a few of those here in this article.
  • Maintenance: An artificial turf requires exceptionally low maintenance and upkeep. Although it will need watering, and brushing, relatively all of this will be less expensive and time-efficient as compared to natural grass.
  • Flexibility: Artificial sports turf offers immense flexibility. Unlike natural grass which will need time to rest after every play, one can play on artificial turf continuously. There is no need to give the extra rest time to the turf.
  • More Control: As compared to natural grass, artificial turf offers more control and grip to the player.
With such excellent benefits, artificial turfs are the best option for your courts. GeoSurfaces, a leading manufacturer of artificial turf for sports surfaces is your one-stop destination to get the best turf options. The company has special expertise in design, development, installation, and construction of artificial turf. With excellent products such as artificial running surface, artificial grass shock pad, tennis courts, and more, GeoSurfaces has got you covered. Based in the USA, they are the only company in the country offering surfacing ‘turn-key’ for artificial sports surfaces. Providing artificial turfs to major clients such as NFL Pro Bowl, New England Patriots, Baylor University, and more, the company has created a remarkable reputation.

About GeoSurfaces:

GeoSurfaces is a leading manufacturer of artificial turf sports surfaces and offers turf installation, design, and construction services.

For more information, visit https://geosurfaces.com/

Monday, 17 February 2020

How to Find the Right Sports Surfacing Company

Imagine that your college is going to organize an annual sports event where you have invited students from all over the state to participate. As you are planning to organize such a great event, it is quite obvious that so many things need your attention such as ordering the best sports equipment and the overall planning of the event. But, don’t you think that there is still something you are missing out on? What about the sports surface? Do you think the slippery outdoor sports surface is best for such a grand sports event? Well, if you don’t, you should look for the best sports surfacing company since the slippery ground can result in serious accidents.


However, you should not hire any random company for sports surfacing service that just claims to be the best. If you actually want to work with the best company, there are certain things that you should focus on. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started.

· Research: You can either search Google or can ask colleges for recommendation but don’t hire any company that just pops up on the Internet without doing a background check. You should thoroughly check the website of the company and should also ask the sports surfacing company about their previous projects so that you can get a clear idea about how they work.

· Compare: Never settle for something that is “too good to be true.” If you think that the surfacing company is offering too much for too little money, you should check the services that it is offering again. Not just this, but you should compare the prices too.

These steps will surely help you find the right company. But if you want an easy way out, you can contact GeoSurfaces. It is a leading USA-based company that is known for its artificial turf installation service. This company has years of experience and it has installed its first non-fibrillated field in 2004.

One thing that makes GeoSurfaces better than other companies is that it manufactures, constructs, designs, develops, and installs the best sports surfaces that are right for every sport. The products manufactured by this company includes GeoGreen® PEN Artificial Turf, GeoGreen® Artificial Turf, GEOFLO® Shock Pads, GeoTrax® Running Surface, GeoClip® Connector, GeoBase® Construction, and Plexipave® Tennis Court. If you want to know more, you can visit the website of GeoSurfaces.

About GeoSurfaces:

GeoSurfaces is a trusted company offering the best turf installation services.

For more details, visit https://geosurfaces.com/