Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Top 5 Benefits of Installing Shock Pad for Artificial Turf

Are you a turf owner? Do you think that there is no need for a shock pad on your turf? If so, you are highly mistaken. Shock pads are a must for artificial turfs. Artificial turfs have become a favourite among people at a very fast pace. People love playing sports on the turf. It is also preferred by many professional players for their practice sessions. Letting the turf be without it may hamper the game quality. It is extremely essential to install an artificial grass shock pad underlay for artificial turfs.

If you are still not convinced about installing shock pads then there is no need to worry. We have listed down the top 5 benefits of installing a shock pad for artificial turf:-

1. Turf is made for playing sports without any stress. But when there is no shock pad then the players may get stressed about getting injured during the game. Therefore, it is important to get a shock pad to make the turf safe for playing.

2. One amazing benefit of using a shock pad is that it highly increases the lifespan of the turf. There are chances that the turf would be fit for use for several years to come when you install a shock pad for the turf.

3. When you add a shock pad to the turf then an extra layer is added for providing support. This extra layer would be extremely beneficial in absorbing shock whenever the players would play on the turf.

4. When the turf is being used without a shock pad then there are chances that it may lose its uniformity at times. But when we use the shock pad, it would be highly useful in keeping the ground at one uniform level.

5. When you would have shock pads for artificial turf then it would encourage people and children to play freely and with confidence.

After reading this, you must have understood the importance of shock pads. If you wish to get it for your turf then you should only trust GeoSurfaces for it. It is one of the most trusted companies in this industry. GeoSurfaces focuses on the design, development, construction, and installation of sports surfaces. They provide high-quality synthetic turf shock pad to their customers. GeoSurfaces has patented their shock pads GeoFlo and GeoFlo+. These shock pads are non-absorbent, moisture-conducting shock pads made from recycled materials.

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